Conduction Analysis of a Single Material Cylinder


Thermal conduction is the transport of energy in a medium due to a temperature gradient and the physical mechanism is that of random  atomic or molecular activity.The quantity of heat flow through the cross sction of a solid body over time 't' in steady state is governed by the Fourier's law of heat conduction

Working Formula:

Heat conduction through single material Cylinder  is given by

Where the symbols carry their usual meanings    



It consist of-

1. Insulating housing with disc and lid

2. Heater

3. cooler

-The heater is fixed in the center of the bress disc.

-There is Cu pipe around the disc through which cooling water flows.

-From above,6 temperature measuring points are fitted.

-These points stretches radially from the center to the periphery.

-The control and dispaly unit has a digital temperature and power display.