To determine the overall heat transfer coefficient (U) in the counter flow heat exchanger.


The process of that heat exchange between two fluids     that are at different temperatures and separated by a solid wall occurs in engineering applications. The device used to implement this exchanged is termed as heat exchanger and specific applications may found in power production, waste heat recovery and chemical     processing.In a counter flow heat     exchanger the hot and the cold fluid moves in the opposite direction in a  concentric tube.


   The following are the components of a heat exchanger

  1. test stand
  2. tank
  3. centrifugal pump
  4. heater
  5. apparatus panel
  6. thermostat
  7. water connection
  8. ball valves
  9. temperature detector
  10. turbine flow meters
  11. flow control valves
  12. digital display
  13. P.C. interface
  14. Indicator panel>
  15. Bleed valve